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Sound Healing Blessing

Saturday 3pm & Sunday 2pm
$20 per person
Experience a full sound immersion experience like nothing you have ever felt before. Eric Thunder Crow Schatz and Shalalea Rainstar Grace are a shamanic sound healing duo who have created a unique ceremonial performance that bathe you in the vibrations of clearing and healing in the innermost ways available. Help to calm and heal the body mind and spirit as you rise up into a newly enlightened space of existence with the assistance of this powerful ceremony.
As well as being a shamanic empath, author, caregiver and artist, Eric combines his love for music, creating a unique healing "blessing ritual”. Shalalea, is a Reiki practitioner, shamanic empath, writer and musician. Together, they utilize several musical instruments including the didgeridoo, Chinese gong, and native flute, to name a few, invoking healing energy with each instrument.